Beverly Homebuyer workshop

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  • Beverly Homebuyer workshop
February 8, 2022
From 6pm to 9pm
Zoom or 398 Essex street in Beverly




Dates: February 8, 9 & 10, 2022

Time: From 6pm to 9pm 

Location: via Zoom or at the NSR office in Beverly. 

Contact: Call Jordan Berger at 978-232-9410 or email

Cost: $45 for individual / $75 for household

Sponsor: Harborlight Community Partners / North Shore Realtors




Homebuyer counseling courses are held via Zoom or at the NSR office in Beverly. Any post-course one-on-one counseling will be held at the HCP office in Beverly. Please note that class participants are under no obligation to use the homebuyer counselors or any guest speakers for their services.

This class is being held as a live Zoom webinar. A webcam, microphone, and speakers are required to be able to "attend" this class. Attendance for the entire 3 hours on all 3 days is required to receive a completion certificate.