Northampton Post Purchase workshop

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September 25, 2021
From 9am to 3pm
Zoom class





Dates: September 25, 2021 

Time: From 9am to 3pm 

Location: ZOOM class 

Contact: Call Donna Cabana at 413-586-5855 ext 180 or email her at

Cost: FREE

Sponsor: Valley Community Development


Notes: Topics included in the Webinar:

  • Avoiding predatory lending scams, including identity theft and credit card fraud
  • Maintaining and repairing a home, including seasonal upkeep and energy conservation
  • Improving budgeting skills, maintaining a good credit file, stopping unwanted solicitations, and keeping good records
  • Homeowner, life and disability insurance basics, being a good neighbor and an asset to the community
  • What to do if you find yourself in trouble with your mortgage, how your mortgage lender works, and what to look for if you want to refinance.

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