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November 9, 2019
From 9 am to 1:15 pm
140 Winthrop St in Roxbury

First Time Homebuyer Pre-Purchase Course



Dates: November 9 & 16, 2019 

Times: From 9 am to 1:15 pm 

Location: 140 Winthrop St in Roxbury

Contact: call Andora Monteiro at 617-989-9900 or email

Cost: $ 30 

Sponsor:   NUESTRA CDC


Our speakers are experts in their fields.  Topics include: Credit and Budgeting; Mortgage Finance Options; Choosing a Home; Purchase and Sales Agreement; Home Inspection and Property Insurance.

Graduates earn a certificate that allows access to Downpayment Assistance Programs, ONE Mortgage, MassHousing Mortgages, HUD Mortgages, Home Ownership Lotteries, and lender's first time homebuyer mortgages.

Bonus session, attend our free Credit Ready Class

•             Be in the know about how to improve your credit;

•             Get loan-ready for a home purchase, car purchase, etc;

•             Meet individually with a coach to address your particular situation;

•             Get a copy of your credit report and the scores used by lenders.

Please register on line for both services.

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