Information for Those Helping People Apply

We welcome the support caseworkers and others offer to aiding tenants apply. These checklists will help you complete the next steps.

Applicant Document Checklist 

  1. All items need to be complete, with signatures of household members 18+ where indicated.
  2. Identification Documents for head of household (photo ID, Birth certificate, passport)
  3. Documentation of income from all household members 18+ for the same 30 day period within the previous 60 days from application date.
  4. For renters: Letter of rental arrearage from property owner with total due and breakdown of months owed.
    For homeowners: Notice of mortgage arrears or account statement issued by lender with verification of amount overdue. 
  5. Documentation of either increased expenses or decreased income during the arrearage period.
  6. For renters: Copy of a lease or rental agreement, or verification of a tenancy at will.
    For homeowners: Copy of mortgage statement. 

Property Owner Document Checklist:

  1. Proof of ownership of the unit
  2. Signed W-9 in the name of the property owner
  3. Proof of compliance with Massachusetts Lead Laws (Dependent on RAA)
  4. Signed contract accepting funds (Provided by RAA) 

Next Steps:

  • Give the Property Owner Checklist to the owner of the property where your client lives or plans to live
  • Gather ALL of the items on the Document Checklist that apply to your client's household
  • Complete the online RAFT/ERMA Application at the Regional Administering Agency where the client lives or plans to live. Note they should have an apartment lined up before starting the RAFT process and should not move until RAFT application has been approved.
  • Submit the completed Property Owner Documentation 
  • Please allow several weeks for staff to review completed applications

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