Regional Housing Network of Massachusetts

The Regional Housing Network of Massachusetts is a non-profit organization whose members deliver progressive, affordable housing solutions, and education to families and individuals in every community throughout the state.
  • Regional Housing Network of Massachusetts


  • We engage policy makers, landlords, community leaders, and investors to protect and to create affordable housing.
  • We are pragmatic problem solvers. Any housing assistance issue can be solved at one of our nine local agencies.
  • We are efficient innovators, committed to restoring housing choice, and returning every Massachusetts family home.

Creating Progressive Housing Solutions Across Massachusetts

Regional Housing Network of Massachusetts...our name says it all.

For over thirty years, the member agencies of the Regional Housing Network of Massachusetts, nine regionally based non-profit housing agencies have championed the value of working on a regional level to address the needs of their constituents. So, from the Berkshires to Cape Cod, we have consistently identified regional issues, and worked collaboratively with one another as well as local government officials, local housing authorities, and other agencies working on housing concerns to find regional solutions to those issues.

This approach has allowed our members to cover the Commonwealth and be available to all 351 cities and towns for assistance with housing development, management, and policy setting. All of this is in addition to our core work of implementing and managing innovative and traditional housing programs designed to assist people of all income levels.

We are the largest contractor of rental assistance in the Commonwealth; our member agencies manage over 19,000 Housing Choice Vouchers which allow low-income families and individuals to live in decent, safe, and sanitary housing which they can afford.

The Network supports the member agencies in a manner that allows them to achieve their collective goals of developing and preserving affordable housing and administering housing and related programs that benefit low and moderate income people.

Member Agencies

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